Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Month and a Half Without Posting a 180 Turn in My Life For the Better

As you may see I havent been posting for over a month on the blog, the main reason is that I have been very busy with a few things in my personal life.My life did a turn of 180 degrees,

Firstly, I have finally found a place in Portugal, a great flat that I share with Ivana, it has been quite a hectic month of moving, settling and feeling comfortable. i have now a division in the house which is my studio, as well as Ivana.

 Secondly, I have a new family member, ( no baby on the way, no!) rather a artist-friendly beautiful kitten. which ironically or not is called "Snow". Because her mixed siamese breed.

Thus far, she has controlled a lot of time in our lives, but the house is now kitten-proof. More than an animal she is a great companion. Damn, Ivana you turned me into a cat lover!

Professional life has gone fine also, I have been a few freelancing projects where I have applied my character design, modelling and texturing skills. For my freelance clients I have been using, which so far is going fine apart from their fees.

Finally, I have also improved my sculpting skills and applying what I am learning on a more realistic version of my beautician character. Here is the progress on the head, it is only the arm to resculpt.


I have began a new character inspired by the place I now live Mafra, Portugal. The character is a Glutton Imperial King, who is very cynical, cruel and disgusting.  I will be posting some more progress so far here some initial sketches.

Finally Atom Pancakes project has been fine, and I can't wait to present a few characters I have been working on for our new animation, as we intend to have a launch day for the project we intend to release everything in one go in a few places, so you need to wait.

Until next time. 

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tutorphil said...

I LOVE YOUR KITTEN!!!! Great to hear all your news Rubes - you sound happy, which is wonderful. Love that King character and his presentation, and I've been following your beautician's transformation from CGAA year one project to the latest capture of your high-end skillset. Good stuff, and I'm looking forward to Atom Pancakes' big reveal with baited breath!