Saturday, 17 July 2010

1 Becomes 2 Brief

After a worthy year learning new sorts of things about our CG animation course, we were given a summer project, although not obligatory, most of us set our mind to do it, and im not exception. Being quite busy lately, I have been dragging the project all this time, but now I think Im ready to start it.

In this project, firstly we picked a paper with the number of our soundtrack, when chosen we were able o browse the playlist and listen to our sound-scape. This project only given information is the fact that we have to respond to our sound, it can inspire many ways, character design, environments, animation or gaming concept. this same soundtrack has to feature in the final submission, either being part of its soundtrack or as a support that ignited our research.

To be successful in this project, we are asked to apply what we learned during Year one, the different stages of production- Pre-production, production and pos-production. to be more explicit, the pre-production will imply the so helpful research, initial sketches and final concepts/ storyboards. Production will have the models and others creations. and Pos- production will fully associate with the final tweaks and editing.

Finally, we are asked to submit our creative pipeline or work-flow in a form of a book, named the " the Art of.." allowing to create a rather more professional submission.

After a quick insight on the brief of the project, I can advance and explain my picked sound-scape, it is sound-scape no. 11, I shall say im not really familiar with this soundtrack , and my first impressions were that this will be difficult.
This sound-scape reminds me something, eerie, creepy, either an alien environment or some sort of poltergeist, so with this thought in mind, I. more than ready to start to unload all my thoughts on it. Some ideas already passed me through.

Further posts will explore them, one by one and setting me ready for the pre-production stage.

Until next time...

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tutorphil said...

oh yes - it's a creepy one, isn't it? What will Rubes make of it, I wonder? Looking forward to seeing those digital paintings etc. start to percolate through - i'm watching this space!