Thursday, 22 July 2010

1.B.2: Initial Ideas

After long time not visiting the blog world, I came back but im going away again. yes, because in about 2, I will embark on my adventure, around the diverse towns in Europe. But before leaving, I had the urge to update my blog, with the initial ideas for the summer project.
Yesterday, I found some freetime from planning and packing for the trip, so I decided to get all the ideas I have in my head since I listened the soundtrack.

To remind you, my soundtrack is number 11, and I can say is quite of a odd sundtrack for all the good reasons. Firstly, I decided to decipher to music and what it effect it would have in me in the form of words, I decided to find words that could possibly describe the feelings I was having when I was listening the soundscape.

Describing Words

Irregularity Weird Odd Alien Surreal Slightly Creepy but more Uncanny

Experimental Alien World Crawling

Thse were some of the words I came up with, and after brainstorming a bit I came with some ideas.

1st Initial Idea:

This idea, I had it a long time ago maybe when I first listened the song, I wanted to create an animation, all set in character's POV, which would have as scenario, an abandoned mansion. Although the scenario being already creepy by itself I wanted to turn the house, in some kind of Surreal Dungeon, where instead of creepyness, the unhomely would prevail, in the different divisions of the houses surreal yet uncanny things would happen, and would provoke a feeling to the character therefore the audience.

2nd Initial Idea:

Exploring a new found environment, yes, this could seem to be a different planet, but it is not, the new found environemnt would be the world of most alien animals living in our planet, the insects, having themselves an alien appearance, this animation would set us on a trip into the world of the insects, we would be present when they would hunt for other insects, etc.
this animation would shrink the spectator to a scale of much less half the size of the insect.
by itself it would look uncanny, exploring something so present in our world and nature.
I can also picture enormous worms roaming the unknown soils, crawling spiders ready to hunt, etc.
Definately, I believe the strongest idea.

3rd Initial Idea:

This idea derives from the previous, where the slight change is that instead of human character shrinking into that scale, he would visit an alien planet, where most of the vegetation would be a jungle inhabitated with dangerous insects.

4th Initial Idea:

The last idea, would be the exploration of an pos-apocalyptic world, where dangers would strike at any corner, it would be with looks of destroyed environments, buildings and hardly anybody woud be seen.

As you can see , the exploration of environments is the strongest point of this project, and after pondering a lot I do believe that I will take my 2nd idea further, not only it will allow me to research anywhere I stop, around my trip, but also it is the one i'm happier with.
So only with few before I go, is time to start this trip and this project.

I will keep you updated...

Until next time....


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes... creepy insects... can't go wrong with creepy insects; but, if you think about what's horrible for people about insects, it's about them scuttling on the edge of your vision, so maybe, as we move through this environment, it's about glimpses and suggestions; sort of reminds me of

What I really like about this is how avant-garde the editing is - and how minimalist, with great use of focal point; also, somehow, I'm thinking of this... (scroll down to 'Heartbreaker'

and who can forget...

Ruben Alexandre said...

phil, surely you ve got my idea straight away, yes the idea of the minimalist the abstract is presented in my soundscape, the use of a really avant-garde and fast editing adding to the insect world will emphasize the creepiness.
I want to represent normal things from the insects like cutting others, eating etc.. however, the scale will actually create a more violent effect.. like slashing opent others, also the juxta-position of images and the editing will be quite violent to send the message accross.

Greetings from Europe :)

Alan Postings said...

Please check out these links to see what I get up to during the summer...