Saturday, 31 July 2010

1.B.2. Idea Development

Living Abroad

After receiving some feedback on my initial ideas, I'm more than happy to start researching and developing my main idea further.

ooops... Amsterdam

Firstly, updating on my trip, I can say at the moment im relaxing in Czech Republic countryside, visiting my girlfriend's parents, spoiling ourselves with food, sweets and pivo (beer), good life!
So far on my trip, i have loved every city i have visisted, from the beautiful architecture in Bruxelles and the modern city of Rotterdam, to the Sin city of Amsterdam and the beautiful buildings in Berlin. sensational sights I must say really inspirational.
Now I'm ready to go south, to the italy and french Riviera and visit other landscapes and rather hotter climates, which for decades were natural studios for many artists, such as Magritte or van Gough.

Also, I found something for the Superman affictionados more specifically you Phil,
This picture was taken outside the jewish museum in Berlin. Don't ask me why but these statue was there, any conection between jewish and Superman huh???

Phil, this is what you wanted to happen to Superman, after the last film...

On the second part of this post.

An amazing example of a effective minimalist animation... thanks Phil

My idea for this project, as you may have read the post before, has to do with insects and their alien world. For this purpose, I have to take on accurate research, on specific insects, and their environments, so I can take the art direction a step further, and stylised my own way.
According to my interpretation of the song, I want to apply to my animation, a rather abstract world, portraying the one being used, where the environment may not share the same look of the original but rather a more stylized one.

So my research will consist in different parts: researching different insects, researching possible types off vegetation for the environment, researching abstract approaches in this area or on other subjects.

With my idea already chosen, i'm ready to start drawing it and direct with pencil- storyboarding.

P.S.- Although, I have been doing some drawings within travelling, I wont be able to upload until I get hold of a scanner, maybe just when i get back, then I will let you see my travelling sketches


tutorphil said...

Hey Rubes - you're looking rather shifty outside that 'sex supermarket' - I notice we can't see your hands in that photo - is that because you're laden with bulging shopping bags? ;-)

Poor Superman :-(

@ the project; yes, I think you should definitely push the abstract approach; try and distill the 'phobic' element evoked by insects - a sort of nightmarish hybrid of hair, eyes, bristles, legs etc. all cast in shadow, like something awful glimpsed from the corner of a child's eye (the thing that lives under the bed and behind the wardrobe...)

Jackie said...

Hahaha! Your face outside the sex shop is hilarious! :D

tutorphil said...

remember Tom's final transcription film - watch here :

Again - avant-garde in style, very subjective editing - quite an 'uncomfortable' experience - you might want to think about a similarly 'high art' approach?