Monday, 23 August 2010

...And I'm Finally Back

The Louvre - Paris, France

Yesterday, I arrived from my 1 month adventure around Europe, and I can say it was fascinating, so many things, so many places and so many funny stories to tell. From the "Sin City" of Amsterdam, the organized Berlin, the astonishing canals in old Venezia, the warm waters from the French Riviera to the interesting museums in Madrid, and finally the Romantic city of Paris. I have adored them all.
It is an experience really hard to put into paper, better living it. Although my trip was mainly to visit sites, I can say it also had educational purposes, by visiting famous museums, such as Van Gogh's Museum in Amsterdam, Henri Matisse's museum in Nice, Salvador Dali's in Figueras, Museo National Reina Sofia in Madrid and the Louvre in Paris, it gave me inspiration by watching masterpieces.
Also, not only visited the sites where monuments were but also explored them inside.
After all, It was an exceptional trip, full of surprises and accidents but that in the end worth every second.

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany

Newchwanstein Castle- Fussen, Germany

Grand Canal - Venezia, Italy

Gondolas - Venezia, Italy

Coliseo - Roma, Italy

Fontana di Trevi - Roma, Italy

French Riviera Beach - Nice, France

Moorish Castle - Sintra, Portugal

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France

If you want to check out some more pictures from the trip check Ivana's Flickr (work in progress)

Now time to get back to work, and continue the project.


Jackie said...

Fantastic photos Ruben - it sounds like you had a marvellous time! See you soon! :)

Ruben Alexandre said...

yes it was fantastic so many amazing places to visit..
Though I have to say Ivana was the one taking the pictures :)

tutorphil said...

Hey, Rubes - welcome back. What an adventure - I'm rather envious in truth. I look forward to hearing all about it in person - oh, and for some creepy-crawly imagery to scuttle onto your blog... :-)