Tuesday, 24 August 2010

1.B.2.- Research: Extreme Close-Ups of Insects

While doing my research, I found many pictures, which are helpful for my project, however the ones which stroke me the most were the extreme close-ups of insects. Everybody knows that insects by themselves, have a not so appealing appearance to some humans, but when put into extreme close-ups, this antipathy takes a step further. These pictures demonstrate many resemblance between the insect and what we find Alien, meaning that many pioneering Sci-fi films used insect imagery to create the Alien appearance we are so familiar with.
They also detail some characteristics of different insects producing rather abstract photos and yet so scary.

(Click the thumbnails to enlarge the images)


tutorphil said...

just amazing, aren't they? :-)

Ruben Alexandre said...

yes, indeed... the alien world beneath :)

Kota Parthasaradhi said...

these are great images