Tuesday, 24 August 2010

1.B.2.- Research: Insect Environment - Self-taken photos

After a long time away from the blog, is time to return and continue the summer project, although the deadline is a little closer, i still have time to produce some work. While away and when I had opportunity, I decided to explore a little more my idea. In Czech Republic, visiting my girlfriend's parents, I had the opportunity to experience a bit of rural live, by doing so, I used my camera to capture environments, insects or any possible situations in the their world.
The lesson learnt with this experiment is that a lot of things can happen underneath our noses without us noticing... a new world exists.

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos).

Insects Environment

Establishing Shots


These pictures from the environments helped me understand, the space upon insects live but also understand, many forms to create imposing and creepy atmosphere.

Insect Situations

As mentioned before, I also focus on different phenomenons happening to insects, and I do believe the results helped me a lot to determine the environments for my project.

Finally, I found some pictures I had in my camera, and I found them really helpful because I love the crusty and "dirty" way the texture of the soil looks, maybe a good opportunity to revise them when creating the textures of the insects.


Kin said...

Nice photos Ruben! What camera are you using?

Ruben Alexandre said...

some of them is just a digital kodak, cheap one, others are with a canon powershot G7