Monday, 30 August 2010

1.B.2- Some Sketches of Insects

Lately, I have been sketching out some of the insects I will add to my project. I have to say is always good to draw, but to create new designs of insects/creatures is pure fun! ... my drawings are all based on real-life insects but with a slight twist, to impose even more disgust and fear.

So far I have explored and drawn 3 of the insects featuring in my project, however a few more sketches are in order to progress to the exploration of the environment.

For now, here they are:


BaZe said...

Well in drawing gross little buggers you've succeeded alright. :) You might wanna check out Animal Planets "Monster inside me"-series for additional inspiration. Or just to otherwise loose your appetite. They have some really nice real and CG footage of some awesomely disgusting creeps

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks for that website, is truly amazing the information you get out of this programs, and how inspiring they can be when design some insects.
Finally the Cg is really good in there..

Thanks again!!!

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

you got some nice gribblies there Jordan, especially the top and bottom ones.

Also check out this thread

some interesting images on there, some gross, and some, like the jumping spiders and dumbo octopus, cute. Nature is truly much more creative than the Human imagination.

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks, simon checking that right now, the concept art website is always inspiring.

and btw I am Ruben, the Yoda .... :)

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Sorry...RUBEN the joys of flitting round blogs with an old brain.

If you are of a sensitive disposition avoid page 11.,