Wednesday, 1 September 2010

1.B.2- Caterpillar Digital Painting

After yesterday taking a break from the project by going to the theatre ( review coming up), I restarted today the project, so nothing better to digital paint one of my previous sketches just to give a more finished look.
By grabbing more often my pen tablet, I'm finding more confident drawing with it... always a good sign.


tutorphil said...

what a big slimy bastard!

Looking forward to the review...

Unknown said...

Hey, nice!
Ta for dropping by my page.
Yeah, I reeeally need to be more disciplined in making my self do more digital painting. I get to a stage where I'm kinda happy, then don't do any for aaaages!

Ruben Martins said...

dont worry, i'm the same here..
until last year, I was really friendly with a old sketchbook and a more traditional media, since then ( 1st time I used a pen tablet) I have been more confident little by little :)