Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Influence maps and Cartoon Ideas

I apologise for my lack of posts lately, but as I move to a new house, my internet is still not active, so the time I have to post is between lecture in University. Not having Internet, made me realise how much I need either to work or blog, I guess is back to the old mail letters :)
Although not having instantly access to a powerful searching machine as it is the internet, I was still able to complete the influence map for my character design project.

So going directly to the subject, here are the influence maps I have done, this maps give me the possibility to understand better what idea I'm going for as well as the characters. The map is a type of mood-board, where photos of my research are organized in side to side to access them easily.
Having Robot Pirates, I have decided to research the 2 main topics, Robots and Pirates, but also decided to kind of bridge this two distinct term, so I investigated also Steam punk and old ships.
This definitely helped me to choose what story I am going for, when I received the briefing for the project, I came up with 2 ideas.

The first being :

Hero: A Good Robot Living among the Pirates
Villain: Robot Captain Pirate

SideKick: A Humourous Robot, being the Hunchman of the Captain.

Setting: Space and Pirate SpaceShip

My idea would be on transporting what pirates usually do in the sea in our planet, steal, kill and capture other boats, but apply it to Space.

Second idea:

Hero: A Human Made Hostage by the Robot Pirates

Villain: Robot Captain Pirate

SideKick: Robot, Hunchman of the Captain.

Setting: In the Oceans

Mankind was experimenting new ways of creating live, after failing with clonage, they decided to direct themselves to creating robots. After few experiments, they finally were able to create artificial live. However, They were prototypes, and like many prototypes the engineers who specially build them considered it was to dangerous to expose them to human live. So they damp them in the garbage. When the Robots realise that they were being destroyed, they escaped the incinerator, wandering alone around the docks, the Robot in charge, or the captain, decided to take refugee away from the humans, so they stole a boat and sailed to deep sea.
With freedom also came preoccupation, many robots start to to have problems, and with no pieces, due to discontinuation of the stock, to fix them.They had to find another way to find metal, by stealing Oil Rigs, other boats, either fisherman's boat or commercial boats. And so it begins the Robot Pirates Saga.

In this idea, the use of Steam Punk is more effective, the old fashioned copper metal would be a good addition to the looks of the Pirates, giving them a older and rusty Robot look.
Now it's time to get more research in- depth, while drawing out ideas for my characters.

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