Friday, 3 September 2010

1.B.2- Some Sketches of Insects II

Lately, I have been drawing a lot to regain the experience lost while being away for 1 month with little of sketching. Continuing the sketches of insects I explored some other creatures, Ants and Flies, by firstly creating different heads and then different bodies, I attempted to experiment with them. I do believe that sketching a little everyday is improving my technical skills, and that pleases me.

Relating to the project, I have decided to take this project to a 3d mis-en-scene stage, due to the proximity of the beginning of the term. it will allow me to explore in depth concept art, modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering. Though if i took it a little further it would be do not harm, but animating characters, environments and cameras is out of my reach at moment.
Happily, i will spend time in the Maya world modeling organic characters, and environments, also maybe trying a bit of rigging.

Im planning to explore the environment tomorrow, so some more sketches coming up.


Lev said...

Looking good. Have you ever seen Nauccica and the Valey of the Wind? Might help for insect insipration :).

tutorphil said...

nice sketches, Rubes - I love bugs!

Ruben Alexandre said...

Thanks Phil,
I have replied on the "lost in trasnlation" post, however I surely did not put that on the email.