Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Maya Tutorials: Lip-Syncing *1- Jaw Bone

Here is the first Maya tutorial from the 2nd year , and what a good start, although we had some good tutorials enlightening animation, but nothing into the world of Lip Syncing.

And here commences the first steps to make a character communicate in an animation.
This first tutorial is meant to emphasize on the importance of the Jaw Bone while we speaking, so basically all the animation done was made with the same bone.
Using the Generic guy, apparently a character model that has been in the industry for years as a prop. He had to animate the character mouth, more specifically the jaw bone. to match a audio clip.

To better understand this, I have added an extra challenge of getting a completely different audio and try to animate the character. So I'll keep you updated on this also.

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