Friday, 3 September 2010

Book: Imaginative Realism- How to Paint What Doesn't Exist, James Gurney

This a book is a guide for fantasy, concept and sci-fi artists, in how to paint surreal characters, a my new book acquisition. The book is divided by different sections, firstly a historic explanation how classic artists used fantasy characters in their work, followed with a example of different characters with useful tips, of buildings and vehicles, and also landscapes, mentioning perspective, eye-line to create depth. Also in the last section, it explores the way how to paint with traditional media, which can be carried to digital art.

For who doesnt know, James Gurney, the author of this book, is a renowned fantasy artist who already received 3 gold medals from the Spectrum Annual of Contemporary Fantastic Art, and also the author of the Dinotopia, a collection of books exploring the fantasy world of dinosaurs, books illustrated with well-crafted and beautiful paintings done by the same. Also, James Gurney is in the blog-sphere with one of the most informative blogs, with tips about panting, interesting information and funny articles , being 1 of the top ten Art blogs worldwide.

You can find his blog:

I suggest everybody to follow him, as you will find useful information along the way.


Alan Postings said...

Nice choice Ruben

Ruben Alexandre said...

thanks, for a sometime I have been following his blog, and he can teach some useful lessons, when I saw his book mentioned on Imagine FX, I had to go and buy it, for my birthday, I may indulge myself with the new Color and Light by him also.

Alan Postings said...

Whens your birthday?

Ruben Alexandre said...

14th November, just when the book is out!

Alan Postings said...

Hi Ruben,

Just me be being curious there and figuring out when the book is released etc. I've asked the library to buy both books (and a list of others). Still you can't beat having your own copies. I'll keep everybody posted on any new additions and when they arrive.

In the meantime keep the suggestions coming.

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