Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Briefing

After receiving our first assignment, the narrative project, we were also presented with another project to help us receive more knowledge. This time the project is Character Design, and for my happiness one of the subjects I love.
With the help of visiting lecturer Justin Wyatt, an illustrator for Disney, who will guide us in this character world, we are mainly asked to build our knowledge and understand characters. Characters not meaning a bunch of cool drawings of monsters, aliens or superheros, but actually understand them, how they look, why they look like that, their personalities, their unique features, etc.
Creatively for this project we are asked to recreate a 1980's Saturday morning cartoon, by designing the character and present an Animation bible, for the three main characters:


The Animation bible has to contain the synopsis of the show, expression sheets and turnarounds for the three characters.
To decided what show we would have, we had to draw a set of cards, in which the conbination of two cards would form the title.
As you may imagine many funny and random titles appeared, however, mine is a classic.

Robotic Pirates


Character Design Bible:


- 3 fully resolved characters- Hero, Villain and Sidekick.
-Synopsis of the 1980's show.
-Expression Sheet.
- Completed weekly character design tasks.

After the briefing, to loosen up a bit our hands we were asked to draw characters as part of that day's workshop.
Picking the character features randomly, we had to combine two either similar or different words and design some characters.

Firstly, I had a Zombie Lawyer:

and then a Vampire Cheerleader:

So I guess is time to get started and use again, Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair, amazing source to get some really good stereotype shapes into the characters.

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