Thursday, 30 September 2010

Unit 2.01- Narrative Story Development

Yesterday, We had our second group meeting and we decided to discuss some issues we were having with our ideas. Having in mind Shahbir's and Chris's Story developments, we sat down and mainly chose what direction our film was going to take. Although, their ideas were quite similar, they differed in some crucial sequences.
With mainly all group trying to decide what direction each sequence would take, we broke down the all narrative of the film so it would be easy to work on the script.

We did a diagram highlighting the sequences and what was happening in them.

Set in the year 2000.

Sequence - Infection
Location: Spaceship

- A spaceship is travelling in outer space
- Meteor Shower occurs and hits the spaceship
- The spaceship is exposed to an Infection
- The crew being aware of what is happening, communicate with HQ on earth and press the Emergency button.
- Emergency pods return to earth
- Infection gets worse, provoking the astronauts to become less conscious, invisible and with cannibal tedencies.

Sequence- Invasion
Location: Earth, Focusing on one particular City( a park)..

- Pods are dispersed throughout the planet Earth
-(Focusing on 1 city) The emergency pod lands and creates a crater.
- Chaos is established in the streets
- People investigate the crater, and in the center of this massive deformation is a Spaceship pod.
- The less conscious creatures open the pod, come out and start the attack.
- Attack! seeking for food this cannibals attack the closest food source, the people surrounding the crater.

Sequence- Army Get Informed
Location: Army HQ/ Random Streets leading to the Invasion location.

- After receiving millions of phone calls by the people close to the invasions sites, they receive a definite information from the Space organization HQ, informing them and asking to take action.
- A old arrogant general is in charge of the mission, and he commands the troops to quickly travel to the site.
- A few shots of tanks travelling, soldiers marching and planes flying to the scene to demonstrate the power of the Army.

Sequence- Army takes action
Location: Invasion Site: Park/ Scientist Lab

-The army surround the invaders still wearing the astronauts suits.
-Army attacks them, they knock one out, but the others escape.
-They capture it and take it to the lab.
-Scientist and his assistant, a woman, do test on it.

Sequence- Panic Still Around
Location: City's streets

-The invisble astronauts feel menaced and rip their clothes off to reveal their total invisibility.
-The Army's job to find and terminate the invaders just became more difficult, as now they are not able to see them at all.
-Though the Arrogant general still gives orders to shot in vain.

Sequence- Solution
Location: Scientist Lab's

-Meanwhile, in the lab, the scientist and his assistant are still doing tests on the creature, The scientist thinking that he found the solution in a science textbook,He goes out of the lab room and reachs for it, however he leaves the assistant there alone with the knocked out creature.
- Suddenly the Invisible Cannibal gets up and prepares his next attack on the assistant. She turns back sees the creature and screams.
- The Scientist hearing the screaming runs over to the Lab room with his textbook, when he enters he is faced with the Invvisble creature grabbing onto the assistant.
-In a heroic act the scientist holds his sketchbook firmly in his hands, swings it and hits strongly the supposed head of the creature, partially Invisble and with no helmet one.
- The creature falls unconscious again, an the textbook also falls and opens on the RAD Device Page.
- Voila! he found the solution to find these invisible monsters.

Sequence- Extermination
Location: Lab/ Cities Streets

-Rapidly, the scientist phones the General in charge, and tells him about his finding.
-The general gives instructions to use the device.
- The invisibility of the invaders is once exposed and they become vulnerable.
- The long-awaited moment arrives, when the power of the army finally terminates this Invasion

The End

With this story idea set, I do think we are more than ready to start scripting and rough storyboarding.

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