Thursday, 23 September 2010

Research: What is a B Movie?

What is a B Movie?

In cinema terms a B-Movie is considered a low- budget commercial film, and defined the Golden Age in Hollywood Cinema. Being a low-budget film, this type of film is identified by its less-publicized, low-budget acting, and design than a blockbuster film at that time.
Most of the B-movies are represented in certain genres- westerns, sci-fi and horror, not meaning that other genres can be used, but less likely to be found. This genres were mainly used as being the pop culture of that period, 1940's to 1960's America.
B-movies are present in cinema history almost since the beginning, with great merit in the 1950's period, the Golden Age of Hollywood, from that time onwards the numbers of films produced was increased, leading to more recent days.
Although nowadays, we still have B-movies, they are less-likely to make the big-screens, as in Hollywood money counts a lot.
B-movies may be considered cheap produced movies, but they were crucial for the history of cinema, as they provided opportunities to less known directors to shine. New actors to enter the film business, and improve their career and also create many celebrity actors, such as Vincent Price.

Being our project about creating a Retro style B-movie trailer, i felt the urge to explore the term Retro.

What is Retro-Style?

Retro is an aged style, which nowadays we find culturally outdated belonging to the past. In Art, this style is often associated to the 1940's and 1950's America.
The mass production era, the old saturated colours of the adverts, arts films etc.
Retro mainly means a aged out dated style, which was rejected by Postmodern Art.

Enlightening my knowledge on this field, I know already from where to start my research, and that will take me back on the time machine into the 1950's America.

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