Monday, 20 September 2010

Unit 2.01- Narrative Project

After a long relaxing time, finally University starts again, and already with some work on sight. Today, we were presented with an interesting rather different Project, with a remodeled and all fancy brief ( thanks to the lecturers), we are now asked to engage our project even more professionally.
This project main goal is to create a 2 min or less trailer for a given film randomly to be featured in a Retro film festival, being also a group project we are asked to treat our group as a studio and try to work professionally meeting deadlines, project management, dividing efficiently jobs and even finances.
As mentioned before we are to submit:

Studio Submissions:

- a full 3D animated film trailer, promoting the main B-movie given to us at random.
- Documentation from the project
- 300 DPi's animation stills
- Press Junket and Poster (marketing)
-' A Making of' Document
- An up-to-date Studio blog

Individual Submissions:

- Your up-to-date- individual blog
- All technical tutorials uploaded to your individual blog.

The B-movie title randomly picked was:

' The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars'

And the B3D Studios, our studio consisting by myself, Ethan S, Shabir and Chris, are ready to work on it, to create a really appealing yet cheap 1950's Sci- Fi film. So keep tuned either on this blog, or the studio blog ( not live at the moment)

Finally, as part of our evaluation, being marked by either UCA Staff and Guests, we have the chances to get awards for our Animation.


Jackie said...

Go, B3D, go !! :)

ivanka kutilkova said...

Can't wait what you come up with. Great topic ;D.