Sunday, 5 September 2010

1.B.2.- Research: Environment

To complete my environment research, I decided to investigate different scenarios where the insect is mostly common among humans, yes insects are known for being the pre-historic creature, who survived all the hazards along the million of years. So they are more capable that anyone to live and adapt in all circumstances.
Although, insects can be seen almost everywhere, from the comfort of our home, or in our cities to the vast forests or plantations, my aim lays in connect the insect world to the human world, "our world". Thus, proximity is something within species is a must.

For this purpose, I found some pictures where these two worlds meet.

Also, I found an amazing film/documentary called Hellstrom Chronicles, 1971 by Walon Green, where is explained the survival of insects since the pre-historic times, as well it features one of the most amazing transitions in documentary film, and what I was looking, where the worlds, that looked distance are actually closer than we think.

(You need to forward until 4;30, to find that transition)

In the same documentary, you can find an amazing depicted fight scene between 2 types of ants, where the strong species annihilates the weaker for reward of having food, it sounds normal but its incredible how such small insects have such strength to even fight without their body parts.

(this can be seen at 2:20)


J.J. said...

I felt the shivers even watching the pictures :D This is definetly inspirational for environment design :)

ivanka kutilkova said...

When I was small I used to observe ants and watched them carying their eggs and food inside the nest. And now I go to the forest in my village and never forget to stop at the nest, they are still there! ;)

Ruben Alexandre said...

I know they are quite disturbing especially when that can be in your home.


I love to pass by there as well, their massive colony shows how organized they are, thank you for showing me that.
But next time, better not use shorts.. :)