Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Theory- Postmodernism Unit Briefing

In my last post I said 3 is the lucky number, so maybe it will work for the projects, adding to already our 2 creative projects, we were presented to a theory unit- Postmodernism.
Postmodernism from what I briefly understood, is a concept that is very present in our society and in our lives, from the notes taken from the lecture I found some interesting terms.

Postmodernism is a disputed term which is difficult to find a definition for. One can argue that is a reaction to modernism, therefore it doesn't believe in a final truth.

Also to complete my initial ideas about the subject, the different definitions of postmodernism were interesting.

Postmodernism is:

With so many different words, even some overlapping and contradicting each other, is right to say Postmodernism is difficult.

For the second, part we were able to watch Quentin Taratino's Kill Bill Vol. 1 with a fresh eye, due to all the knowledge learnt previously. it was good experience to revisit this film with a different approach, this time looking more in terms of either editing, acting, and design all borrowed from the retro kung-fu films and such.
Although, Tarantino's film are filled with grotesque and gory scenes, one has to take them as dramatic and theatrical as possible.
Looking superficially at the use of blood in his films, is just like looking at an airbrush theatrically painting the set, similar to the abstract drippings by Jackson Pollock.

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