Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Research: Cannibalism

Have received the title for the trailer that my group is working on, ( It can be followed Here).

The title is:
"The Day of the Invisible Cannibals from Beyond the Stars"

I have decided to research the controversial term Cannibal or Cannibalism, or more precisely called Anthropophagy, basically meaning to eat flesh of your own kind, if your continuing to read this post I strongly advise to be careful as it may contained some undesirable stories, pictures or footage.

The Anthropophagy custom goes back into the early human history, it is often controversially indicated that our human predecessors, such as Neanderthal, Proto- Neolithic, and Neolithic, were cannibals. It is also indicated that cannibalism has been found among people on most continents.

Cannibalism is not a monolithic affair, according to Ph.D. Sam Vaknin in his article 'Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice', 'it can be divided thus'

'I. Non- consensual consumption of human flesh-post-mortem'

Meaning that corpses of prisoners of war are eaten by their captors. This practice was usually common in Island Tribes (such as Fiji, Andaman, Cook Islands), by the victorious Maoris Tribe, who often feasted on the flesh of the dead after the battle. More recently, this type of cannibalism was found being exercised by the defeated Japanese soldiers in WWII.

The other type of cannibalism is:
'II. Non-consensual consumption of human flesh from a live source'

This type of cannibalism is categorised by the torture, pain infliction, even butchered of humans, either prisoner of wars or not, for the sole purpose of being eaten by their enemies for pleasure and express superiority. This type of cannibalism was once practiced by the kings of the tribes of the Cook Islands, who to show superiority among their people would consume the flesh of their more fierce adversaries.

Although after a long time, this type of cannibalism still exist but in a completely different setting, real-life serial killers, such as Albert Fish or Ed Gein, lured, kidnapped and tortured countless people to express their superiority and then consumed their flesh for mere pride and pleasure, this sickening stories made the headlines of the newspapers around the world many times.

Finally, the last type of cannibalism is
'III. Consensual consumption of human flesh from live and dead human bodies'

meaning that people willingly volunteered to serve as sacrifice, either for another human or a god. This sacrifice consists in the torture and later consumption of the body. This type of cannibalism was often practiced by the Aztec tribes, who believed to be offerings chosen by gods, that later after the sacrifice would become immortal. More recently, this type of cannibalism was visible in the weird story of Armin Meiwes, the " Master Butcher", who over the internet arranged to meet with Bernd Jurgen Brandes. Meiwes cut off his guest penis and then both of them ate it. After Meiwes killed Brandes and then feasted of what remained of him. This sacrifice was merely for sexual pleasure of both individuals.

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