Thursday, 4 August 2011

Robot Pirates Final Texturing

I carried on with texturing this character,with two passes done, what was left was play with the saturation of the cloth and add dirt onto the body, head and props. Overall, texturing is a fun process, and despite taking some time i love the whole process of tweaking and find the character instantly looking better.
When I finish this model I will post the maps I painted for this character.

For now I leave you with a few screen shots, note that the light needs still tweaking.

I still have a few things left to do, first gotta create an eye control which will of with this type of flat eyes, then tweak the light pose the character and render it in 3 versions: Beauty, Clay and Outline.


Pixipui said...

Wow the textures look great!
I can't wait to see it move :D

Ruben Martins said...

thank you pixipui!

it will... how is your model coming along ?

Pixipui said...

Np :D

Its coming along pretty well, I've made feet and hands finally stuck them onto the body, made a neck, realised I had to re-mirror the body so thats the bit I'm working on now, Almost onto the adding hair stage :o

J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

looking just like the drawing :) nice job!

Ruben Martins said...

thank you !