Friday, 23 September 2011

Atom Pancakes Work- Arthur Winters Character Development

With the initial sketches done, I brought them to a meeting and each of our studio members decided which would work the best. Taking on their feedback I began to develop the character.

Arthur Winters- Face Development

With the final head shape done, I began to develop the facial features on the character. Though first, I want to check our art direction and how much of stylisation I could give to the character.

Arthur Winters- Different Character Stylisation

At the same time I have began working on the body of the character. Using the same technique I used on the face I began by creating a few silhouettes of body shapes and then play around with them.

Initial Body Silhouettes

Final Body Silhouette

On the head with the right stylisation decided, i began to explore possibilities of the character. By creating a few assets I created variation of the head by mixing them up. 

Character Face Variations

After another studio meeting, it was finally decided how ultimately the character would look like.

Arthur Winters - Character Face 

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