Friday, 23 September 2011

Atom Pancakes Work- Arthur Winters Character Final Files

With the development all done, I began to create the informative sheets on the character. As well as any final poses or character action shots. this process is always fun, as you begin to think just like your character.

For now I leave you with all the drawings and paintings that will be featured in the character bible of this character.

Arthur Winters Final Character Development

Arthur Winters Turnarounds

Face Expressions

Size Sheet

Props Sheet

Colour Variations

Final Colour

Final Pose

Action Shot


tutorphil said...

love that action shot - this is why it's soooo important that you get your script into animatic form asap, because the delights of all that physical comedy - which may not communicate off the page to the reader - will quickly reveal its successes once it's cut together.

Ruben Martins said...

ye you are right, we began already drawing a few boards. nevertheless these action shots are really fun to do.