Thursday, 22 September 2011

It all Starts... Over Again

Hello guys, after a few weeks with little activity on here many things happened meantime. I have found a job and it has been taking a lot of time on my weeks therefore my excuse for little posting these couple of weeks, and for doing little on my recent CG model.
On a much more important note, I have started the 3rd and final year in CG Arts and Animation (indeed, graduation will soon arrive). this year will be slightly different than the previous two, as it gives me the liberty to do what I want to do creatively and focus in a speciality within the vast CG discipline.

The 1st project, a 15 week self-initiated project which is open to any type of proposal related to the course. From character and environment design and modelling to short animations or games modelling, everything is possible.

In my case, I adopted to use the minor project to work in collaboration with some of my colleagues, Ethan Shilling and Jordan Buckner. I mainly chose this because it will allow us to focus in specific tasks that each one of us want to pursue after university. I, always in love with characters, my forte lies in design and model them, while my other colleagues have different goals.

The first step for this collaboration project, was to find the studio name and create its own logo and ident.
Having a lot of discussion with my studio peers we found a great name, Atom Pancakes.

What follows is the logo and ident of the studio.

Atom Pancakes is an independent Production Company specialising in 3d Animation. The studio was formed as part of a project for the University for Creative Arts. We provide services in the animation production pipeline.

Alongside this designs we have also created a blog, where we will share the progress of our animation.

( Later we will have a little surprise.. so be ready!) 

Also for further information we have a facebook page and a twitter account.


(you can find them by clicking the logo respectively.)

So if you are interested in what we are about to cook at Atom Pancakes, drop by and follow our blog.

Finally this personal blog wont be abandoned, though with less posts I will keep you all updated with any work I have been working on. And this will come in form of maybe lengthy posts with little text and a lot of images.

So tune in!!!

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