Friday, 8 October 2010

Unit 2.01 Concept Art: Pre-Eliminary Sketches- Space Station

Being away from blogger for a few days really took its toll, although I updated my blog with some research, I wasn't able to upload my work. Alongside my group, I have stepped into the realms of concept art, and came up with some sketches and rough thumbnails for locations in my animation.


My first sketches were based on retro 1950s space-stations and spaceships, unfortunately all these sketches had these alien feel to it.

Looking for a more humanoid approach, I decided to look for more straight lines and blocky shapes.

Once again, these designs weren't able to fit to the animation, due to its style belonging to a era a bit later in time, 1960s and 1970s. After deciding with my colleagues the style we were looking for, the whole idea of having a more rounded-shape space station was in order. So I was back to the drawing room coming with more designs, this time taking in consideration the style we were going for I came up with some more designs.

Definitely, the rounded shapes made the space station a lot different. This last sketch is the chosen design to develop further and clean up to create the space station. After today's meeting, where we chose the design, my colleague Aflockofpixels presented a space pod design what will fit like a glove with this Space station design

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