Monday, 18 October 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Feedback W/ Colin White

Today, we had the chance to meet up with Colin White for a one-to-one tutorial discussing our characters.
For people who don't know Colin White, he worked as an animator for the film Who framed Roger Rabbit? , creating the bombshell character Jessica Rabbit, he also worked in Watership Down and in Casper the Friendly Ghost, not only he worked as a 2d animator but also stepped into the world 3D, with animation in the film Dragonheart, 1996.

To start, I have to say it is enlightening to have such big names in the industry, being presented to us, and being able to give us feedback in our ideas.
However, I felt a bit ashamed to not have millions and millions of drawings to show to him, as despite I love character design, the narrative project was overwhelming the time I had to draw.
Being aware of this now, I have to know when to differentiate projects and spent the same amount of time in both.
But leaving the excuses out, I was surprised when I explained my idea to Colin White, and he could picture it straight away. After detailing everything about my idea ( robot pirates, set in the steampunk time, a villain captain, a hero and a henchman), I showed him the body shapes drawings, and he mentioned that the shapes I came up for each character were working perfectly and that he could easily look at the character and see their personalities ( something I'm trying to achieve nonetheless).
Also, Colin White pointed that now I should start to draw some more details, maybe add some old clothes, even though they are robots, to have a more pirate characteristic they should have old and dirty clothes. And to incorporate devices inside the pirates, e.g. binocular eyes, or a hook/ hand, this was such a brilliant idea and would create a more appealing and interactive character.

Finally, when speaking to Colin and seeing him drawing I felt an urge to get my own sketchbook out and brainstorm ideas via paper, the most accurate way for me to express, shameful that the 15 minutes were already gone. Maybe next time...

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