Friday, 22 October 2010

Unit 2.01- Research: London Landmarks

To create a rather more familiar look for our animation to British audience, we decided to incorporate some lhistorical landmarks that will characterized the metropolis upon we are setting our city. Many landmarks could make the list, however, and in order to follow through the idea that we are setting our animation in the year 2000 but with the vision of 1950's, just some can fit in it.
The use these landmarks and in order to not only saves us time modelling the landmarks, but also to use the same technique of composition tow footages in one, ( even if one is a backdrop and other is the CG Render).

To show our imaginary world in the animtion we have a small sequence at the beggining of the trailer when we show establishing shots of the world. Landmarks such as, Big Ben , Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral or Hyde Park, have a posssibility to feature in our scene.

Big Ben

Big Ben is a must have landmark in the animation, not only for many centuries has been the main attraction for travellers and Britons alike, but also it marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, something to constrast with our retro-futuristic style.

Hyde Park 

Our pod will land in some sort of green park, so what about make it land in such a distinguish green park for many British people, Hyde Park, a green park in the center of London, with beautiful patches of green grass, i do think the perfect setting for a menace from outer space. Although Hyde Park is in the center of London, we are not particularly happy of using the existing buildings surrounding it, so our cheap architect in service have to plan some more retro-futuristic buildings to populate the surroundings of the park.

Don't you agree such a beautiful place, with atmospheric lighting shining through. Perfect for a dramatic landing site.

St Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul's cathedral is another landmark building that maybe we will be featuring in our animation, this idea came from a post posted before by Aflockopfpixels, which shows a picture from the Invasion of the Cybermen Episode in one of the first Doctor Who: Episodes. In order, to pay a homage to the so famous series, and to identify clearly with the British audience, we are thinking of using the same type of setting when the Invisible Cannibals attack the human race. 

In order to create a successful backdrop, the concept artist in the group will take on pictures and create a matte painting, which will a cheaper version of actually go on site and record real life-footage.

If you wonder, the coloured images were taken by Ruben, in one of many trips to London, good to see that after sometime they start to be useful. 

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