Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Unit 2.02- Character Design Workshop Week 6

This week, the character design workshop was once again very interesting, as we were taught, how good stereotyping can improve your character a lot and how you can have a clear idea if you stick with a stereotype, how the character looks like and reacts. Also other important thing is the use of clothes, clothes also have their importance when designing a character, as they have to perfectly fit the character and don't create a misinterpretation in them.

For the task,  I was given Vampires and I had to apply what I learned. by creating a line-up featuring different types of vampires,

Also,we explored how silhouettes play an important role when designing a character. For a character, we want a silhouette that can tell us a lot from just looking at it.  

So the second task was to bring my characters and silhouette them, to see if they are working.

In my opinion, they are not too bad, and improvements have to be made, when adding the props, clothes, etc. Nonetheless a good start!

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