Thursday, 19 April 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Skinned and Initial Rig

Yesterday, I had a critique presentation for this project, and I was able to receive a motivating words and feedback towards this project. with most of the work presented, it was mentioned that this following week is crucial to outcome of this project, therefore I decided to put all the effort and focus on getting the tasks that were behind done.

Therefore here, I present you the the progress done most recently.

Skinning was started and mostly finished, with only a few tweaks to be done after the rig is finished. however, the character is moving.

Character Skinned

As it was said to me, I have created a list with the controls I want to incorporate on the rig. With that done and ready to be presented to Alan tomorrow, I began to rig the character. 

Squash and stretch Torso

IK Leg Controls

FK Leg Controls

 On a more visually appealing note, I have also tweaked the lighting and shading on the character.
 by adding rim light shaders, the result is to have the character pop up and look less CG.

HDRI Lighting and Rim Shaders

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