Thursday, 26 April 2012

Major Project: Olivier, the Patissier, Character Fully Rigged, properly Skinned and Some Props

So from my last update, where the torso and the legs were already rigged, I moved to complete the rig. To have a better control of Olivier, I decided to make a modification of previous rigs i have used. So here I present Olivier.

Say 'Hello' to the world, Olivier !!

To enter a more geeky realm I will explain what I have done with the rig, 
  • For the legs, I have used two sets of rigs, IK/ FK to have a better control when he moves. 
  • For the spine I have used a spine curve with squash and stretch, which will help me to create exaggeration and ultimately squash/stretch. 
  • The arms also have 2 sets of rigs, an IK and an IK with a springsolver ( to create a curved arm). 
  • The head was done in two stages, firstly I created a few blendshapes for the mouth and eyebrows, for preset poses. and then clusters were added to help create better and various poses. 
  • Finally most of the assets were also rigged, such as the buttons, the hat and the mustache. So then again more control I will have when animating. 

 In terms of skinning, I have moved onto correcting some skin problems that surfaced when rigging was done , but also did a few pose corrections to create a more organic and realistic character.

As you can see fat now will deform in a proper way. 

With this tasks done the character is ready to be animated, something i will start very soon blocking walk cycles.

Meanwhile other of my tasks was to carry on modelling the environment and props. A task I will try to finish in the following days. 

Thus far a few props have been modeled and are ready for a quick shader or a full texture. 

I will update soon with more progress!! Stay tuned! 


tutorphil said...

exciting stuff, Rubes - he looks very charming when he smiles! :)

Ruben Martins said...

thank you phil, he is about to get some life very soon :)