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Picasso Pictures, Production Company, 2003

Picasso Pictures is a one of the UK's leading independent production companies based in London, more specially in the animation/ advertisement field.

It all started back in 2003 when a group of producers (Jane Bolton, Dominic Buttimore and Richard Price) from the Post-production house The Moving Picture Company , decided to create a production team. The main objective of the creation of Picasso Pictures was to introduce new work to The Moving Picture Company as well as giving opportunity for new talents to shine in the animation/ advertisement world.
The initial studios were on the corner of Wardour street and only later, they moved to 9-11 Broadwick St where they still remain. This studio consists in a 4 floors building in the centre of Soho London, the 4 floors are divided accordingly, the 1st floor houses a small post-production team, which quickly, composite and edit any animation footage ready to show to the clients. The 2nd floor, consists in the executives, Jane Bolton and Richard Price,  and many producers, such as Inga Johnson, they are the people in charge to secure the jobs and ultimately are the face of the company who have to negotiate with the client.
The 3rd Floor is the place where ideas are made, brainstormed and decided, on the director's floor, many animation directors are based in there, however many others work away from the studio.
So if the 3rd floor is the place where ideas are born, the 4th is theproduction of those same ideas. The production room, houses a few computers where many freelances artists pass by and work for Picasso Pictures, giving all their best to the clients. To receive the ideas into a final product Picasso Pictures has its own Render-farm, a potent unit which allows to render the work in time for tight deadlines and picky clients.

One of the main objectives of the creation of Picasso Pictures was to give the opportunity to young talents to share their work and visions. Therefore, the studio consists in great directors who are distinct with their work.

What follows is a quick showcase of some of the directors and their work.

Tokyo Plastic

Zune Art

MTS 4G Commercial


Steve May

X &Y

Alongside this great directors and many more, is a exhaustive list of freelance artists that make these ideas happen. I had the chance to meet 2 of them, and was really pleased to bo able to aske them a lot of questions.

Ricardo David

Gael Lendoiro

These 2 artists were freelance artists, who were working on one of the projects. While Gael Lendoiro,  was a generalist artist, Ricardo David is a generalist focused on animation, his strength. These 2 artists are only two of many people that work for Picasso Pictures as freelance artists, aiding with their respective skill, from concept to final product, from modelling to animation.

With a house full of talent either in the director's room or the production one, Picasso Pictures has been growing since its launch, and the success doesn't look like is going to stop.

All works are copyrighted to the named artists

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