Monday, 9 May 2011

Work Experience: Day 4

Day 4, a quiet day... after getting those 2D designs for the client, Rik the one in charge of the project is just correcting some small changes. Although a quiet day, I had the chance to browse some interesting stuff on internet.
I have also met Leo, my colleague who is doing working experience at Nexus. it was cool to share experiences that we are living in both companies.
At Picasso Pictures, I spent some time getting the grips of 3DS Max just for fun!!

A Teacup

The last part of the day was by far the most interesting of these couple of days,. I had the chance to meet with directors, such as Steve May, the Tokyoplastic Guys and others, it was great to speak about work, Steve May for example, showed some work, either the one he did for his band or the funny illustration he is all the time doing. Inga Johnson was spreading the word that I would be in the studio this week and that I ca do some 3D, Tokyo Plastic, member Sam Lanyon Jones asked me for the protfolio so he may find me some stuff to do this week.

Meanwhile, here is some work by the 2 Directors I met.

Tokyo Plastic

©Copyright tokyoplastic

Steve May

©Copyright Steve May

On the second part of the tour, I met the production team, which is finalizing some work in an 3D ad ( in 3DS max). It consisted in a couple of members which were finishing animating and rendering stuff to deliver to a client. Without being too much, I spent some time with them asking questions about the industry, and the difference between big companies and small companies. etc... though, the part that i was really interested in asking was about freelancing. Gael Lendoiro and Ricardo David are two frelancers working in the industry for over 4 years. Although they work as generalists most of the part, Gael is specified in rendering and lighting while Ricardo is an animator, for companies like Crytek, etc. So it was great to meet them, and learn a bit more freelancing, the subject and the industry out there. Lastly, i met another guy doing work experience, he was from Germany, and he was working with tokyo plastic on some concept art, hopefully he will still be there.

Today, I will sneak upstairs and ask a few more questions about showreels. Being a freelancer is all about putting your best work to grab jobs, so I guess I will receive great advice from them.


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