Friday, 6 May 2011

Work Experience: Day 3

Yesterday, I had my 3rd day working at Picasso Pictures.Thus far is being a great experience, I have been meeting people and talking about the industry.
 I mention to Inga Johnson to meet more people in the production room, which is in the 4th floor (currently at the 1st floor). However that had to be delayed as I was rushed with some work to do. The work consisted in continuing some 2D Design work for a client, creating some website banners in different formats etc.  So far I learnt some stuff about branding, and composition within a banner as well as how space counts a lot in the industry. With me I have a list of what the client have asked with all the sizes and how big they have to be in kb, this has to be followed strictly. The designs I have been doing are just first versions which will be approved or not by the client.

Finally, I have spoke to Inga and she mentioned that maybe some 3D will need to be done next week, hopefully!

p.s: I wont be able to show these designs here, however I will ask inga if it is possible to to get them and show them on the crit.

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tutorphil said...

I saw this post - and thought it was brilliant in terms of acting/animation...