Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Work Experience: Day 6 to 9

The last few days of my work placement ( which is now over), were slightly busier. Firstly, I carried on meeting with the artists upstairs and throwing my shopping list of questions. then I had my first go at modelling for a director.

After meeting with James Boty, from Finkboom. he was willing to give me some 3D stuff to do. I can  i was excited and worried, excited because finally I had something that i enjoyed to do and worried because I didn't know if my modelling skills were up to standard. However, i began modelling some stuff for him which would be featured in an upcoming pitch. ( details I cant say).
This experience was great because it allowed me to work 1 to 1 with the director/ art director, and gave em the chance to get instant feedback on my work and on the things that needed changing. having to prepare the models for a pitch that was due last Friday, it helped me visualise how to work with extremely tight deadlines.
Indeed, some of the days I was doing some extra time to catch up with the production, which was enjoyable.

with my days of work placement over, I pretend to still be in contact with Picasso Pictures and the directors within it as well as applying everything that I learnt from the professionals I had the chance to speak to.
i have to say overall it was a great experience, shame it was so short.

Good things will come, hopefully!


J.J.*Jolanta Jasiulionyte* said...

James botey is the busiest director at Picassopictures atm. I keep on meeting people who work only to him :D it seems i'll be busy with his stuff for next few days :] Also, they all share a nice word about youy here and sometimes call me "Rubens friend" or "new Ruben" :D :D

Ruben Martins said...

good to hear,t hat good luck in there!