Sunday, 31 July 2011

Robot Pirates Facial Rigging

After a busy week where not much was done towards this character, I felt it was needed to update on the facial rigging. Last week I was able to finish it, but for no apparent reason I forgot to post it. So here it goes:

While the mouth controls are done with blendshapes into 2 positions, sad and smile. The eyebrows have 3  joint skinned to certain vertices on the eyebrows and than constrained onto 3 point controls, this whole new set up will allow me more freedom when posing the character and and will be able to create a face for any situation.

Eyebrows Set Up

Eyebrows Test

Happy Face

Sad Face

The objective before the end of this weekend is to apply another 2 passes of texturing, one with the actual texturing and some extra detail, then what is left is the dirt.

However in terms of Facial Rigging I still have to control the eyes, it is proving challenging thus far.

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