Thursday, 21 July 2011

Robot Pirates Texturing I - Blocking out Colours

Here is a quick update on my Robot Pirate character, rigging is past and what is left to do now is a quick facial rigging to enable the character to smile, and the long task of texturing it. I have started both task and I'm working simultaneously on them, while I created a set-up to begin sculpting the blend-shapes, i have also started to block out colours for the character.

As you can see the character's clothes changed, this was due some previous feedback I have received when designing the character. Character Designer, Justin Wyatt suggested me to vary his colour from the the villain and sidekick colours therefore the blue now comes to play. I do think is working as blue and yellow are two complementary colours.

This is the 1st step of many as I will revisit and apply more passes on this character, a texture pass and retouch pass ( final touches) and dirt pass. Without forgetting the normal and the specular maps.


After a misshapen yesterday, where I deleted the previous blocked out colours, I restart to block colours however this time I took some advice and did a variation for the cloth which follows the original design better.  I have to agree that the red colour fits the character better, however I will do also 2 variations when I model the villain. 


AFlockOfPixels said...

This looks awesome with the colours added!

Although I kind of prefer the red still. (maybe because its my favorite colour, or maybe I've just gotten used to it), but the red and the gold together are very bold colours. If anything I would consider changing the bad guys colour (possibly to blue). I'm thinking along the lines of the characters from Disneys Hercules. The heros colours are bold, unlike the bad guys.

Can't wait for some textured renders!

Ruben Martins said...

Thanks ethan, what I will do is I will do a variation for this and the villain with hero having blue or red. the the villain having red or black coat (just like black beard and see what it looks better, the black colour is always predominant in villains I will give it a try.