Friday, 8 July 2011

Robot Pirates Scuplting

With the hero pirate modelled, moved into Zbrush, and started to sculpt the accessories he carries ( all the clothes). Without further ado here is the progress thus far on the Hero Pirate. 

I have to say I love to use Zbrush, because it is such an intuitive an creative tool which allows to get great results. Although the interface can be quite confusing for beginners (like me), as soon as you understand it it can be really simple to work with.

I have also set a day to finish this character and move onto the next. so the deadline is the 13 th of July. by that time I will need to have the rigging, skinning and texturing done, and then it is ready for the turnaround. however no rushing is needed! 

Hope you like! 


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Ruben Martins said...

thank you, just trying new things and improving my workflow.

How is New Designers?? i have seen the posts and all looks great.