Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Robot Pirates Rigging

With skinning done, Rigging was the next stop, the less creative process in a character pipeline, where you create controls in order to ease in the animation stage. although not creative, it is a essential process and without it animation would be almost impossible. I have to say I enjoyed doing some rigging and it was great getting back to understand how rigging works.

In this character, I have used the same rigging set-up, that I did with the Erich Zann Characters, with a variation of rigs in both arms. However, I have been learning a bit more advanced rigging where I am able to use squash and stretch features.

As I feel more confident, I also can begin customise my own rigging set up, where I will vary the rigging according to what characters are or do.

Here is a couple of pictures showing the different rigs: when the character pipeline is finished I will be sharing a few videos testing the rigging, skinning and cloth simulation.

FK Rig                                              IK Rig

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