Sunday, 3 July 2011

Robot Pirates Modelling IV

For a long time, I haven't updated on my progress with the Robot Pirates, so here it goes:

So from where I left it, modelling is going great, with the head pretty much blocked out, I moved onto adding the hard surface details on the body, such as blots and gauges, not being a games character I was able to be a bit more expensive and spend some polygons on it.I have also blocked out the clothes which will be imported into Zbrush for some organic sculpting.
Finally, I have also modelled the robot's props (gun and dagger) which will be textured and added to the model.

So here is how the model looks like now (sculpting to be done):

Geometry Layer                         Cloth Layer



More to come now that I move onto Zbrush!



Pixipui said...

Wow, you moved on pretty quick. And I see what you've done with the cloth/ geometry.
I suppose for good house keeping anything cloth should be on a separate layer until its complete.

Ruben Martins said...

In fact, I have been doing quite slowly, the Erich Zann characters were done much faster, but now is when the fun begins with sculpting. The cloth in a separate layer is just to keep stuff tidy and really export as I want.

ivanka k said...

Determinate - well done, although I can't wait for it to move!

tutorphil said...

*I can't wait for it to move!*

Agreed! :D

Ruben Martins said...

thanks for encouraging comments again. For now it will exist , however it will eventually move.

one thing at the time.