Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Animator: Blue SkyStudios ( Production Company)

Blue Sky Studios is an American Animation studio, which became an unit of the Fox Filmed Entertainment in 1997. However the studio was founded 10 years earlier with the mission to pioneer creative, photo-realistic and high-resolution character based Computer Generated animations for films, television and entertainement industries,

This pioneering ideas really paid off and today Blue Sky Studios focus on creating high-quality imagery accompanied with great-storytelling, and audience-friendly characters.

All this qualities can be perceived in the short-films and full features presented to us nowadays, from the 1998 Oscar Award Winning short film Bunny, the first film to use advanced ambient lighting technology to the full features Ice Age Triology, whic is created by powerful renderers producing outstanding results in digital imagery field as well as story-telling.

The studio has also completed work for Fight Club, 1999, several alien creatures for Star Trek: Insurrection,1998 ,the monsters of Alien Resurrection ,1997, numerous characters and special effects for A Simple Wish ,1997, the final 'Genesis' sequence in Titan A.E., and a host of dancing, singing cockroaches for the MTV cult classic Joe's Apartment ,1996. The studio has also animated numerous commercials and created an instant hit with the 'talking fish' animation for the 1999 season finale of HBO's The Sopranos.

Blue Sky Studios are famous for their animations because they combine the key ingredients of it , good- story telling, the 12 rules of basic animation and ultimately an astonishing environment.

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