Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Animator: Dreamwork Studios ( Production Company)

Dreamworks Animation SKG is an Animation studio based in America, which already produced a series of successful Computer Animated Films, such as Shrek triology, Madagascar films and Kung Fu Panda.
DreamWorks Animation produces high-quality family entertainment by using coputer-generated animation, using a world-class creative talent and technology providing the audience with great- stories films, breathtaking visual imagery for an all range audience,

In 2004, DreamWorks became the first animation company to produce two CG Animated films a year,including the famous and profiting Shrek 2.

DreamWorks Animation often is recalled as the rival of Pixar, not only because it also does CG Animated films, but because often they clashed with similar films such as, Pixar's A Bugs Life and DreamWorks' Antz, telling a story based on similar characters.However, Dreamworks Animation owns two studios in America, it manages to release more films a year that they rival Pixar.
These films that attempt to tell great stories, that are fun a comedic, with adorabe stylised characters and environemts that will brad audiences and capture their imagination despite their age.

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