Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Unit 6- The 4 Possible Scenarios

Yesterday, we had really helpful and profound lecture with the Dr. Peter Klappa, who is to be our client for this project.
Also we had the chance to be presented to our 4 possible scenarios that can be chosen.

How Cells Develop?

The Life Cycle of a Slime Mold

The Life Cycle of a Fern

After an insightful presentation around the subjects, it started to make more sense how things actually exist and reproduce. With this project we are asked to produce around 4 of the processes of the chosen topic in CG Animation.
Having a basic idea of the scenarios, I have chosen mine already and yesterday I stared to do some research.

My choice will be The Life Cycle of a Mushroom or Fungi, because as soon I was presented with the scenario I saw lot of potential characteristics to be transfered into concep art and CG.
Also, I will go for a Undergraduate target audience, as instead of creating more toony characters as I did on the last 2 projects, I will produce rather more mature, landscapes and organisms.

With everything set I'm already on research/ drawing stage.

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