Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Unit 6- Process 7: Growth of the Appendages and Dispersion of the Spores

After meiosis takes place, where the diploid basidias change to be haploid basidias with 4 haploid nuclei, these haploid basidias extent and form 4 appendages visible as being 4 "sacs". these appendages are called basidiospores ( the ones will later land and germinate again on the ground), with the creation of these 4 appendages each of the haploid nuclei moves towards one of them claiming their own, thus now we have 4 basidiospores, with 4 haploid nuclei inside them.
This small organisms can be perceived as the "seed" of a mushroom, because they hold inside them an organism, which will create another fungus.

Once again these pictures show a great potential to create really science fiction types concept art and landscapes. also the following pictures will help me to see it in a more 3D land and further develop into my own style without losing logic.

When mature, these basidiospores are more than healthy to leave the fruitbody, However this action wouldn't be possible if the environmental cues didnt act, The basidiospore is able to disperse from the basidium, through weather conditions such as rain for instance or when reach a really mature age. when dispersed the spores reach the soil or ground and so it begins the whole cycle again.
Finally is good to mention that each mushroom can release millions of basidiospores, though they are so minimal that we cannot see it but when they reach the ground they become a strong organism, a sort of connection to the surrounding soil.

This allowed me to understand the whole cycle in more detail, from the germination of a small spore to a creation of an extensive network, called mycelium or from the growth into a fruitbody to all the processes occuring inside its gills . But this research also helped me to understand how fungus are so important to nature and to the world, because they use and help other plants animals or even organisms to survive as well as controlling the soil around them.
With this cycle idea set I'm more than happy to start concept art, I have already good ideas for my concept arts, but also for story-boarding the story, though a script will be needed.

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