Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Unit 6- Process 1: Germination of the Basidiospores

After understanding the whole cycle, I decided to take my research even further to each of the steps of the same cycle. As it will allow me to not only understand it more, but also help me visualise the environment upon these processes occur, as well as help me to customize them, without stepping away from reality.

As mentioned before the germination of the Basidiospores occurs after they are dispersed by the basidias on the gills of a full grown mushrooms. Although this germination is quite similar to of a seed, it happens microscopically not perceived by the naked eye.

The picture above, shows the simple process of germination, while the picture bellow helps to understand in which this same process occurs, on the soil the germination happens towards inside it and forming this threads of organisms, mycelia.

Although, I could not find a specific video of these happening apart from the whole cycle one, posted on the previous entry.

I researched something different that somehow relates to the process, the germination of a seed, despite the difference of sizes, the process is pretty much similar. The process shows the mycelia ,or in these case the seed root, germinating and growing randomly towards others. Note that this video is only use in matter to know how the animation will occur in this process.

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