Sunday, 18 April 2010

James Cameron, From Titanic to Avatar

James Cameron is an Canadian film director and screenwriter, who is mainly known for directing the most expensive yet innovative films in Hollywood. His films are memorable, not maybe for their storyline, but for the use of special effects to portray the story fully.
His films include the Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgement Day ( 1991) films, all directed by him, A sucessful sequel of Ridley's Scott's Alien, Aliens (1986). Also, The Abyss (1989), and the high-profit Titanic (1997). Recently he released Avatar 2009.

As I mentioned before, Cameron applies special effects in most of his films, but the most visible ones and achieving are in Titanic or Avatar. Titanic released in 1997, used and open the way to the use of Computer Generated Special effects to be used in films, at this time, CG was progressing in terms of technology and popularity, since its use in a the 1st full feature length film, Toy Story in 1995. Thus, Titanic was the pioneer of CG special effects in films, because not only it open the way to many other films to start using it, but also it created scenarios never imagined possible with the use of models in a studio.

Titanic is best known for its amazing techonlogic achievement and not its storyline, because it open people's minds to see something imaginary but yet so real and present. This Technology is still used nowadays, where the models era is long gone and CG took over the special effects market.

12 years had past since Titanic was out, the story repeated, Cameron became the man behind the special effects in films. Avatar was released in 2009, and it became the most profit film ever made, but also the most expensive one, because once again the extravagant use of special effects, to aid tell the story. Although, the special effects used in Titanic are believable, and much superior than the previous films, Avatar took special effects to a whole new level, because to set us in the story, it created a whole new world, never seen or visited, with only the power of CG. it also used the recently discovered perfomance capture technique, to create digital characters as actors.
James Cameron is the director behind the most extravagant and astonishing visuals in films in hollywood at the present time.

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