Friday, 30 April 2010

Unit 6- Target Audience changed and its research

I decided to change my target audience, yes instead of going for an undergraduate level, I swapped to a target audience of younger age. Although my thoughts firstly were fixated onto doing a animation for children as I like character design, I chose not to because I felt like I wanted to try something new, and not repeat the past 2 projects. the choice of undergraduate students weren't appealing me at all, because despite the sophistication in the animation, an extra level of information may be needed also. So I decided to go for a more cinematic approach, but yet sophisticated, the GCSE's Students audience, by choosing this age, will be able to produce rather more expressive and dynamic environments conveying the story, good to mention that it is at this certain age that Teenagers drawn more attention to film, therefore, a possibility of science-fiction to be used.
This the change of audience was mainly based on the way I am aiming my aesthetics to be, although following closely to the source materials, it has an extra factor, a likeness to science-fiction.

GCSE's Students range from the age of 14 to 17, at this age, students, if not already, develop an interest to books and films, therefore the use of fiction is essential to appeal the audience. Television being the main vehicle of entertainment for this audience, it is also a good source of research in understanding what they prefer. In film, the interest rises, on one hand, male students better identify with science-fiction, action, horror and comedy films . Female Students particularly develop a likeness for romance and drama films, as well as comedy. Thus, for my project, I have to balance between, the struggles of a spore in becoming mycelium, or the the rapid growth of the same into the fruitbody. Although, no use of real emotions will be portrayed, by the means of camera work these same emotions will be conveyed.

Further research led me to understand what specific TV Shows, or Films this audience likes.

While male students prefer films such as:

Clash of the Titans- Action

- Action

Alien- Science Fiction Horror

Female students have different choices

Twilight Series - Action/ Drama

Also to take in consideration the target audience of this age draws a severe attention to videogames, which ultimately can lead to addiction, though the interest here is to know that teenagers nowadays are able to absorb faster motion pictures, therefore assimilate information faster.

The use of a more cinematic approach will allow me to persuade this type of audience.


tutorphil said...

Evening Rubes,

Sorry we didn't get an opportunity to talk this afternoon - I guess you wanted to discuss moving your target audience, right? The thing to remember is that - at least in this country - girls at GCSE are out performing boys year-on-year, so I'd suggest aiming your work at engaging boys is probably a useful bias - and using sci-fi/Avatar-esque imagery is the way forward; science-fiction tends to be a male genre (but not exclusively); girls appear to be already switched-on to schooling, so yeah, target the easily distracted male teen at the back of the class who thinks he'd rather be outside kicking a ball around...

tutorphil said...

in terms of sci-fi imagery that has that 'glow', check out the tron legacy trailer and James Cameron's The Abyss - they both have that linearity/transparency/soft tissue factor - and great use of negative space (i.e. lots of black!).

Ruben Alexandre said...

thank you phil, to appeal more the audience the use of camera shots will be essential like pans...e.g showing the vast world inside a mushroom cap.

with the formality of a undergradute student, i thought the work would me more informative and would loose the vast cinematic effect.

Simon (calamity) Holland said...

Phil is pretty much on the money with his assessment of adolescent young men, from experience of living with one, I can certainly testify that you will need to work hard to grab them. I think I live the only person who can discuss both the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Star Wars saga purely in terms of light sabre duels and epic battles devoid of all context of narrative etc. (he "fasts forwards through the boring bits")

So if you need a test audience.... I have one

Ruben Alexandre said...

ok thanks Simon, I really want to implement a key factor that can grab attention, and dont create a generic documentary, where the only audience paying attention is the 1st row of the classroom. :)

Phil is that any chance, to speak to you, after tuesday's briefing, by that time, I will have some storyboards that I'll present.

Meanwhile, I will post them on here.