Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Unit 6- Process 5: Karyogamy

The full grown fruit body of a mushroom underneath its cap is formed by gills, a kind of vents -like look characteristics where main processes of reproduction of the mushroom happen. For this purpose, I returned to my science classes, firstly started in my GCSE Levels, and with a example of a mushroom that I had at home, I started by cutting it and taking some photos of this specific part to see how it looks like and how abstract I can produce it. Although, I dont own any , microscopic camera, the use of the macro helped to define the subject matter in the picture excluding the rest.

This pictures show how this can be rich visually creating kind of alien structures, although to better show the process, these photos are not enough as it happens in microscopic proportions, not visible by this camera.
A further research on the same part of the fungus was made to better understand the environment, in which this process occurs.

These pictures allows to see how these organisms, called show dikaryotic basidias look, and also in what they hold inside them, 2 haploid nuclei. Leading to following process to happen.
This process is called Karyogamy and happens inside the gills of the mushroom at microscopic proportions, it consists in a swallow by the 2 haploid nuclei, by the lack of space in this capsules the haploid organisms form into a diploid basilia. This basilia now consists in the genes of the 2 haploid nuclei forming the diploid body.

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