Sunday, 2 May 2010

Unit 6- First Sketches of Basidiospores

Before I paint some concept art of my scenes, I decided to get some sketches on Spores done based on the information that I researched. bearing in mind the sci-fi effect, and the cinematic approach.

Firstly, I decided to try different types of spores, although used some imagery reference from pictures, the designs were all my ideas.

After looking at all the drawings I liked some characteristics of all of them, So I decided to create a hybrid of the all designs. Also, decided to try some colour experimentation, this was made with watercolours, in which I have a old passion for. This experimentation allowed me to try different colours together, therefore choose the more appealing ones.

In my opinion, the bottom left, and the orange ones from the bottom have more potential, now I will take the Spore design on the left, and quicly experiment the colours , also I ll push them a bit further with Photoshop tools.

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