Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Unit 6- Mushroom of Choice

Although, I had set my mind into using one mushroom, the Amanita Muscaria, I decided due to the circumstances of changing the audience and of the colour palette that I pretend to use for my spores, to change to other mushroom. In this case it will be the Cinnamon Cortinarius ( Cortinarius Cinnammeus).

Cinnamon Cortinarius ( Cortinarius Cinnammeus)

The Cinnamon Cortinarius ( Cortinarius Cinnammeus) is an orange mushroom, mostly visible in coniferous woodlands and peaty habitats, singly or in small groups.
Its cap is hemispherical or bell-shaped when young, and when matures becomes semi-flat silky smooth, with narrow, thin gills and with slender, cylindrical stem which can be solid or hollow.
The cap is bright yellow-brown, olive-brown to cinnamon-brown; Gills are yellow then cinnamon- brown, and stem pale yellow. and the most important the spores are rusty brown.

Using mushrrom allows me to use my colour pallete to create this really beautiful specimen but also, create a more appealing animation, due the fact that the maturity in this mushroom is easily visible, by the change of format and colours of its fruit body.

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