Monday, 31 May 2010

Unit 6 - Evaluation

After presenting my animation in last week's crit, I received good feedback, although Phil pointed some things that should be tweaked. Indeed, I am not fully pleased with my animation, not only I had some technical problems, with after effects in adding the backgrounds, and actually working with it, but also I feel the editing needs to be slightly changed, and add some more sound effects, this would allow my animation to be more genre based. So to clean my conscience, I decided on these holidays to take on the animation, and actually develop in terms of editing, sound effects and special effects. This will help me understand where I did go wrong, that I know already pretty much after the feedback, but also will help me to better understand genre based animations and the rules they obey.

After all, it was a really good crit, as the Commissioner Peter Klappa, actually liked my approach to the topic.

Also, Uni is over for this year, I guess I will have the so deserved holidays, and actually relax for a few days, then get back to work, though this time the deadline is ages away.

Guys, see you all in September for the 2nd phase!

P.S.- I will be updating the blog regularly, with my progress on the summer project and other personal projects, tutorials, or any artworks.

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Sam Hayes said...

I think your animation was great Ruben, really did have the Sci-Fi feel. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing for your summer project, with the amount of time we have I'm sure we can produce something we can be happy with without all the stress of the last project!